No behind-the-scenes trickery here, folks! “Pretty Woman” was actually filmed in Los Angeles, and many of the locations you see in the film, such as the Los Angeles Equestrian Center where Vivian and Edward watch a polo match, are the real deal. In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine, the film’s production designer, Albert Brenner, confirmed that Vivian’s apartment building is actually the Las Palmas Hotel, located near the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Las Palmas Avenue in Los Angeles. The final scene in “Pretty Woman” where Vivian and Edward kiss passionately on the fire escape from her apartment is so iconic that the Las Palmas hotel is a popular stop on most Hollywood bus tours.

Vivian’s shopping scenes were shot on Rodeo Drive, and the film used the Ambassador Hotel to act as the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, though the penthouse where Edward and Vivian are staying was a set built on a soundstage (via Los Angeles Magazine). Although the Ambassador Hotel has since been demolished, fans can take full advantage of the Vivian Ward experience at the Beverly Wilshire, which offers a “Pretty Woman for a Day” special. The experience includes a private shopping trip, personal driver, and couples massage, but you’ll need to bring your own Richard Gere (via Four Seasons Hotels).