Nate Foote, owner of “Rugs and Drapes”, standing in one of the apartments.

For seven years, Harrisburg resident Nate Foote walked past the same dilapidated building in Midtown, thinking of its potential.

In December 2020, he decided to do something about it.

Foote purchased and prepared to renovate the property, known as the “Carpets & Draperies” building, on the 1500 block of N. 3rd Street in Harrisburg. Since then, the building has undergone a total transformation, with construction finally approaching the finish line.

“I saw a lot of potential and thought this was a place I would like to invest in,” said Foote, an attorney. “It was really the last building of this stretch of 3rd Street that was vacant.

Formerly the Gerber department store, the century-old 4,800 square foot building is now poised to house five apartments and first-floor retail space. Broad Street Market vendor Raising The Bar will open a bakery/café in the space in the fall.

The renovation process was lengthy as Foote’s contractor, Harrisburg Commercial Interiors, had to gut the entire building, which had been vacant since the mid-2000s, and start from scratch. One of the few things left was the old “Carpets and Draperies” sign on the front facade, now updated with paint and new lighting. As the name has stuck with the building over the years, Foote plans to continue to call it that.

Building “Carpets and Draperies”

The three-story brick structure features sprawling new windows, cool flooring, and a modern feel. There are two one-bedroom units on the first floor and three two-bedroom apartments on the second and third floors. Foote plans to move into the spacious third floor apartment himself.

He called each unit unique. Some retain aspects of industrial design, and one includes a bonus room and another a terrace. Two of the five include a floor-to-ceiling window in the living room.

Foote hopes to complete the units by the end of the month and rent them out by September. He expects to rent one-bedroom units for around $1,200, with two-bedroom apartments being a bit more expensive.

Instead of wet paint, the first-floor retail space will soon smell of fresh baked goods when Harrisburg Raising The Bar bakery moves in.

Owners Casey Callahan and Timishia Goodson opened their businesses, known for their baked goods made from scratch and in small batches, in the Broad Street Market in 2016. As the business has grown in over the years, the pair have needed more space to make.

In their new location, Callahan and Goodson will offer all of their menu staples: croissants, baguettes, almond cakes, brownies and more. However, they will also expand the menu to include sandwiches and coffee.

Goodson hopes to foster a “relaxing vibe” where people can disconnect from their phones and relax.

“We want it to be a place where people want to come and enjoy their food,” she said.

Raising The Bar will also retain its stand at Broad Street Market.

To top it all off, renovating the Carpets and Drapes building is a large mural from Sprocket Mural Works, painted by Harrisburg artist Tara Chickey. The abstract mural extends the height of the building with pink, yellow, purple and blue hues.

In total, Foote plans to invest around $700,000 in the building by the time it’s finished, but it’s a project he’s been interested in for years.

“Hopefully this will continue the trend of new businesses moving in and ongoing renovations,” he said. “I think a lot more is going to happen in the years to come.”

“Carpets and Draperies” is located at 1507 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg.

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