apartment complex in Miyakojima by Yohei Kawashima Architects

In Miyakojima City, Okinawa, JapanYohei Kawashima Architects built a five-story building apartment complex organized around a center Yard. Due to the irregularity of the site, the building is divided into two volumes with an adjoining intermediate garden, accompanied by a common corridor, and a large spiral stairs. The project features a mix of clean geometries, neutral colors and lush greenery, establishing a harmonious coexistence between the new building and its pre-existing environment.

all images courtesy of ©Koji Fujii /TORÉAL

the large spiral staircase takes the central position

The design of Yohei Kawashima Architects (see more here) generates a set of five floors with 25 apartments. Each unit is composed of a general purpose plan and includes one bedroom. In addition to the units, the project includes a common area consisting of an elevator, a staircase and a common hallway.

The building is divided into two parts due to the asymmetry of the site, while the corridor and the staircase wind around the green courtyard which is located in the heart of the complex. The staircase has a very gentle slope with a toe height of 140mm and a tread of 520mm. As one climbs the stairs, their line of sight slowly shifts from the dimly lit courtyard to the outdoor setting. In this simple overall composition, the grand staircase will create a gentle rhythmic connection with the environment around it.

n apartment 2

n apartment 3

n apartment 4