An Upper West Side woman is accused of defrauding numerous apartment buildings across the city, upstate and New Jersey in connection with gang-related activity.

According to the recently unsealed indictment, Latoya Williams, 35, was arrested in a high-rise on West 61st Street on October 5 and charged with aggravated identity theft and wire fraud.

The location of the arrest – where authorities allegedly found several hundred thousand dollars in a bed frame – is said to be “the internet address [Williams] used to complete rental applications … and the one [she] gave to the New York Police Department in June when she reported a car stolen from the parking lot, a white Bentley.

The FBI has been monitoring Williams for some time based on Federal Court records. An officer investigating various federal offenses allegedly committed by primarily Queens-based violent street gangs identified Williams as a participant in the scheme.

According to the agent’s affidavit, “WILLIAMS used false identification documents, pay stubs, tax documents and other falsified documents to obtain rentals of property and utilities in high-end apartment buildings in New York and surrounding areas. The investigation showed that apartments rented by WILLIAMS consistently have unpaid or underpaid rent, overdue balances and other uncollected charges. This has resulted in, among other things, lawsuits and debt collection against victims of identity theft to collect money owed for apartments rented fraudulently in their name.In addition, the rented apartments were used by members of various violent gangs to store contraband For example, in one of the affected apartments in Brooklyn, New York, members of the Wood City street gang possessed five firearms which were recovered by police during an arrest. ion.

The affidavit then links defendant Williams to apartments in Bushwick and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, one in Yonkers and another in Bayonne, New Jersey. She was released on $250,000 bail and cannot leave the borders of New York or Long Island. She was also ordered to avoid all potential witnesses and known gang members, surrender her passport, and report to pre-trial services. Williams’ electronic devices also need to be monitored.

In the meantime, the government and Williams are engaged in plea negotiations to settle the case without a trial.

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