The closed batch of separate one- to two-story units – 65 in total – will serve individuals or small families looking to settle in Owasso but are not yet ready to fully invest in a house, Beemer said.

“Owasso needs this kind of intermediate housing – housing that isn’t an estate-sized subdivision, but it’s not just your standard apartment complexes, something maybe for beginners. , older people, ”she said. “I think this kind of game fits this bill.”

Chelsea Levo Feary, the city’s economic development manager, echoed Beemer’s feelings about the new Smith Farm homes, citing their early days in the community as an incentive for potential tenants to move to Owasso.

“It’s a unique concept,” said Levo Feary. “It works well in other parts of the country, so this is an offering that adds a bit of a mix to our residence, … and (we) hope it will attract more residents to our area who are looking for this. “

Located in the center of the planned Smith Farm development, there will also be a natural wetland, currently located on the vacant lot. Teams plan to preserve the wooded area and add walking trails and other recreational features to the land for residents’ enjoyment.

“Considering the nature of where this residential area is located, it’s nice to have that kind of buffer built into these backyards against these commercial areas,” Beemer said.


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