WORCESTER – Residents of a partially collapsed building on Mill Street will be granted a further month’s stay at the hotel, until September, acting city manager Eric Batista has said.

In a statement, Batista said the city, the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance and United Way of Central Massachusetts have collaborated to provide an additional month of stay for residents of the 32 Pond View apartments at 267 Mill St., while residents continue to look for. for housing.

The residents’ current stay was funded by United Way and was scheduled to end on August 31.

Batista said the city is using about $100,000 in federal grants to extend the hotel stay through Oct. 1.

“These 20 families have suffered from an unprecedented situation and we want to help them get back on their feet,” Batista said.

On July 15, an early morning roofing job apparently led to building materials fall through the roof, weakening the building and forcing its evacuation.

No injuries were reported.

Advocates say many tenants continue to struggle to secure more permanent housing. The tenants identified the Holiday Inn on Summer Street as the hotel where they had been staying for over a month.

Agencies worked to extend tenants’ stay at the hotel; they were originally only supposed to stay there until the Monday following the evacuation.

Franklin landowners, Fren Management Co. Inc., went to housing court in a process that lasted a few weeks to obtain permission for staff and tenants to enter the building to collect their belongings or dispose of the ruined objects.

After the city deemed most of the building safe, Fren Management developed Agreements allowing residents to collect their belongings in each apartment.

Tenants criticized Fren Management’s handling of the collapse, saying they felt rushed, that their belongings had been moved without their consent, and that Fren Management had prioritized preparing the building for reconstruction over to their well-being.

A lawyer for Fren Management denies staff moved tenants’ belongings and insisted the landlords want the belongings removed to eliminate the risk of mold and ruining more items.

In Housing Court, Fren Managment’s lawyer said the landlords intended to rebuild Pond View Apartments in a process that could take several months. In the meantime, the building will remain unoccupied.